Spy Pen Camera in Pakistan

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Spy Pen Camera in Pakistan

It Is Equipped With Various Practical Functions Integrating Digital Photography, Video Recorder And Audio Recorder Function EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK, With Fashionable And Dainty Appearance, Stable And Outstanding Quality, Wide And Diversified Purposes. Hd Pen Camera Will Bring You The New And Memorable Experiences Of Use And Is The Indispensable Tool For You. This Spy Device Is Applicable For The Purposes Of Reporter Interview, Wonderful Snap Shoot, Emergency Record, Living Fragment Record, Recreation Record, Sports Record, Aided Teaching Record, Family Security Monitoring, Criminal Investigation And Evidence-Collecting For Legal Purpose, Landscape Record During Travel, Outdoors Exploration Record And Backing Memory, Etc EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK.

Features Of HD Pen Camera :

Shoot High-Definition Video
Taking High-Quality Photos
Recording High-Quality Audio
Elegant Design

Specification of HD Pen Camera :

Video Formate:Avi
Video Encoding:m-Jpeg
Video Resolution:720P*1080P
Media Playing Software:attached Software Of The Operating EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK System Or Mainstream Audio And Video Media Playing Software, Recommend Kmplayer
Picture Format:jpg
Udisk Supporting Os:windows Me/2000/xp/2003/vista/7, Mac Os10.4 (Uncertainty, Depends On The Computer Model)
Pc Camera:windows Me/2000/xp/2003/vista/7
Charge Pressurec-5V
Interface Type: 4 Pin Usb
Built-In Memory: Upto 32Gb Spourted (Optional)
Battery Type:high-Capacity Lithium Polymer

Spy Pen Camera Available in Pakistan

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