Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

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Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

Perfect for speeding up food prep for this year’s festive feast, Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan takes the cutting convenience of Nicer Dicer and takes it to a whole new level. Boasting a huge 1,500 ml capacity, with Nicer Dicer Plus you can cut in 11 different ways. You can slice, dice, cut, julienne, cube, wedge, quarter, grate and so much more EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK. Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan is best time saving product in your kitchen EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK. It works so fast that you can save upto 30 mints with its use. Nicer Dicer Plus provides you safe way of cutting vegetables, because there is no chance of finger or hand cutting while you are using Nicer Dicer Plus. There are 5 blades, each made of ultra-sharp stainless steel. Just press down the lid and they’ll easily cut through virtually any food. Each blade gives you a choice of different cutting sizes: cut into segments of 4 or 8, cube food in 3 different sizes… There’s even a grater and a mandolin slicer, perfect for rapidly slicing cucumbers, carrots and potatoes EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK. When you’re done you can serve, or lock on the stay fresh lid and save for later. Food prep has never been so simple.

Nicer Dicer Plus Includes :

1 x Removable top part with self cleaning function
1 x Cutting base
1 x 1,500 ml container with measurements
1 x Fresh keeping lid for container
1 x Dual blade for cutting ¼” x ¼” or ½” x ½ “cubes
1 x Dual blade for cutting ¾” x ¾” or ¼” x 1 ½ “cubes
1 x Dual wedging blade (4 pieces or 8 pieces)
1 x Cutting stamp for top part
1 x Partial blade cover
1 x Slicer with blade protector
1 x Food holder for slicer
1 x Greater with protective cover

Nicer Dicer Plus Available in Pakistan

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