Multi Function Hand Juicer in Pakistan

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Juicer Slicer Pakistan

Juicer Slicer Pakistan. Get Natural benefits of fruits and vegetables with the powerful Juicer Slicer EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK. Juicer can be used to get juices from fruits and vegetables and with Slicer you can prepare your veggies easily. You can use it anytime and anywhere. It is good for beach parties as no need of power. Just rotate Juicer handle and get fresh and healthy juice every time. You will love this Juicer Slicer Pakistan.

Juicer Grinder

You can also use this juicer as grinder too. Only change upper juicer part with grinder part and grind dry fruits, spices and other items.

Juicer Slicer Handy Mincer

This Juicer is also use as mincer. To use this juicer for mincing change the parts and start mincing the meat. All type meat can be minced in this mincer.

Juicer Slicer Features

Juicer Slicer is made with ABS Food Grade plastic. It is best selling product all over the world It’s handy and easy to use.
Easy grip handle
It’s lightweight.
You will get fresh juice every time.
With Slicer you can chop almost all vegetables.
You can chop thick and thin slicer and shredder.
Juicer and Slicer Combo can be used by anyone and anywhere. Because both these products are easy to use and easy to assemble.
No extra power required to use juicer because of its unique design.
You can use Juicer Slicer to get juice extract from soft fruits only because of it’s small parts. But you will like it because of it’s simply working method. You can grind spices and dry fruits from this Juicer Slicer too.
You can also use this Juicer as mincer too.

Multi Function Hand Juicer Available in Pakistan

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