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Magic Spin Mop 360 Pakistan

Magic Spin Mop 360 Pakistan. Are you still cleaning with traditional mops. are you tired of wring mops full of dirt and water with your hands.We have bring a magic product magic spin mop(spin & Go) the revolutionary 360 degree rotating mop with a powerful spin cycle system. Simply step on it a few times, it generates up to 2600 rounds per minute and it automatically spins dry a mop no more bringing out mops in touching dirty water ever again. Magic Spin Mop 360 degree rotating feature allow it to reach & clean every corner and its white rich micro fibers mop is super absorbing and its tough on collecting dust & dirt EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK. Even changing the mop is so easy that require no hands. Isn’t it so simple. Magic Spin Mop is unique mop combined with a wringer bucket rinse and spins mop without using your hand.
Insert mop in wringer bucket step on it twice or thrice the dirt and extra water will be away.
Magic Spin Mop guarantees to keep your hands clean and smooth.
Magic Spin mop is made with nano technology microfibers material EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK. Its super absorber and efficient to tracking dirt and dust. It covers wide area and works on 360degrees allowing it to clean upto 6 times faster than traditional mop. It could be use to cleaning wet, for cleaing stains or dry for dusting. Its ideal for cleaning marble, tiles, hard wood floors, window, furniture, cars and much more. Its simple and effortless. Cleaning is no longer hard if you have Magic Spin Mop.

Magic Spin Mop Nano Micro Fiber is ultra fine & consist of multiple triangular shape opening EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK. Its unique structure enables it to trap a large amount of dust and dirt and lock EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK them tightly. When Rinse in the water, micro fibers expands and expells all the dust and dirt into the water bucket and its clean again. Magic Spin Mop micro fibers are super absorber that it sucks dirt and dust more than ordinary cotton mops. Magic Spin Mop unique spin cycle can rinse and dry mop perfectly giving you clean and dry floor all the time. Magic Spin Mop can clean hardly reach areas underneath tables, sofas, cabinets & beds. Magic Spin Mop also great to clean corners, stairs, furniture, bathrooms, Windows and cars.

Features :

Super dehydration basket
Anti-skid bottom
Double drives for drying and washing
High-precision bearing structure
Safe and eco-friendly
Labor-saving, time-saving, power saving.
Thicken and tweak-resistant bucket and capacity is 3 L
Super dehydration basket absorption microfiber mop head

Magic Spin Mop 360 Available in Pakistan

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