EZ Jet Water Cannon in Pakistan

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EZ Jet Water Cannon Pakistan

EZ Jet Water Cannon Pakistan a product of As Seen On TV turns your garden hose
into a powerful pressure washer. Blast away dirt from cars, windows, siding,
outdoor furniture, and more. Add your own cleaner or soap concentrate to the
built-in reservoir. Rotating nozzle on the 8″ telescoping arm offers eight
different spray settings. If you need a multi-functional hose nozzle for
watering and cleaning around your home EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK, the EZ Jet Water Cannon As Seen
On TV is a perfect choice. It works best with heavy hoses rather than coiled
hoses and does not require electricity or a motor EtsyTeleShop.Com.PK. Blast dirt & grime off
outdoor surfaces or give delicate plants a gentle rain.


8 multi-functional rotating nozzle hose
Perfect for outdoor chores like car-washing, gardening gutters, sidewalks.
Detergent dispenser mixes well your favourite liquid soaps, cleaners and even fertilizers.
Turns your garden hose into powerful pressure washer.
Tough on dirty and gentle on plants.
Requires no electricity or motor.
Attaches to any standard hose

EZ Jet Water Cannon Available in Pakistan.

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